Zentangle is the cat’s pajamas


Yoga and Zentangle

For the last weekend of my leave, I was lucky enough to get a place on one of the fabulous Tasmanian Yoga and Art Retreats run by the fabulous Suzie Donkers.

I left for Melbourne around 6am and arrived in sunny Triabunna by mid-afternoon in time to meet my Retreat-mates and catch the ferry across to Maria Island.

What a magical wombat-filled place!


We settled in for two days of yoga, walking, and Zentangle lessons from one of my all time Zentangle CZTs, Michelle Beauchamp of Shellybeauch.blogspot.com fame.

The food, the teachings, the surroundings, the yoga, the food, the company and the island itself were all amazing.  I came home renewed and with a restored faith in humanity.

Here are some of the tiles we did.


And this fabulous collection was an example of Michelle’s work. IMG_5596

I came away with new ideas and techniques after this weekend.  I’m inspired to try a bit more sparkle and I might even think about some colour in the future.  (Although part of me is still feeling very content with black sakura micron and pencil.)

Many Oms to everyone.



Taking leave

After a very long stint with not much time for a break, I managed to plan and take some leave for the last couple of weeks of February.  I decided fairly early on to have a stay-cation and to use the opportunity to do some Zentangle inspired art.  Having dusted off my tools, I proceeded to check out two of my favourite Zentangle sites: Linda Farmer’s Tangle Patterns and Michelle Beauchamp.  It had been over 3 years…..

First post up on Michelle’s site let me know that there was a Yoga and Zentangle retreat coming up on an island off Tassie, on the last weekend of my leave and that Michelle would be teaching!  I booked immediately.

In the meantime I got going on my holiday project which was to start a very long Zentangle in a Moleskine Japanese Album.

I bought the album over 3 years ago and have been putting off starting. You know, that brand new blank book that makes your perfectionist streak come to the fore and prevents you from making the first mark. These Japanese albums concertina out for oodles of pages and I chose the smaller 9x13cm album.  It also comes in a large size, but I hate to think how long that would take to complete.

My goal is to finish the 30 panels as one very long Zentangle-inspired artwork.

I started work on in early February.  Here’s a little time-lapse of where I got to before going on retreat.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/260001804″>Moleskine Japanese Album 2018</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user82827429″>Crooked Dog</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>






It’s been awhile

Decided to dust off my Zentangle supplies and give it a whirl…

Diva Challenge #120 Bales

Bales.  Bales is a good tangle pattern. Even though I haven’t been tangling that long, I’ve used it quite a few times.  So it was with relish that I extracted a pair of new zentangle tiles from my precious stash and set to work this week on the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #120.

Here’s my first tile.


And while I was doing that I started to think about my second tile.  I also love the Zentangle pattern Cubine.  I started wondering whether you could merge Bales into Cubine on a tile. This is what happened when I tried. (Please excuse its upside-down-ness).


I’ve also been tangling away in my Moleskine over the last week, as I had a couple of days on the couch with a bout of tonsilitis. Boy, tonsillitis as an adult makes you feel really crappy.  Pencillin is a marvellous invention and luckily, as my GP said, it kills tonsillitis dead in about two days.  So having slept straight through all of Tuesday, this is what I was upto while perched on the couch under my quilt and listening to an audiobook all day Wednesday and Thursday. Zentangle is a lovely way to spend time recuperating.


PS. I was listening to “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton. (Our local library has a fantastic service where you can borrow Bolinda Audiobooks for two weeks at a time!!!)  As well as being good stories, Kate Morton really does a great job on the old narcissistic character.  There was a fabulously subtle narcissistic character in this book and an even better one in another of her books that I read (listened to), called the “Forgotten Garden”.

Hope you are all having a nice week.

Zendala Dare #50

It’s Monday night and I just finished my Zendala for Zendala Dare #50.  Thanks BRight Owl for the continuing weekly challenge.  I have been totally flat to the boards for the past month or so at work and had no time for art so I’ve missed a few challenges and I’ve missed tangling.


Zendala Dare #52 – Holy Hollibaugh

My first Zendala Dare.  I found some 5.5″ square art paper at a local shop.  Decided to use it for this Zendala dare, rather than trying to transfer the larger template to my moleskine across the “fold”.

Thanks for the challenge Bright Owl.

I really enjoyed this and it was nice and quick.  I am not quite sure that I entirely followed the brief to include the Hollibaugh as a string.  I took a minimalist approach.  There’s really not much tangling happening here apart from the Holibaugh and Shattuck.



So I was teaching myself Paradox and got carried away.  Almost a whole page later this is where I stopped.


Tangle pattern: Paradox