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Something old and something new

One of the recurring features of many of my “before” doodles are spirals.  A spiral floating over the top of this pattern, sort of Hollibaugh style, was the inspiration for this tangle. My six year old loved this pattern and decided it should be called “Rose of Love”


Tangle Patterns: All About V, Archer, Cadent, Beelight, Candleglow, Footlights, Florz, Huggins, Ixorus, Mi2, Planateen, Sand Swirl, Sparkool, Tagh, Festune, Shattuck, Quiltz


With a little help from my…

The thing about sitting down at the table with coloured pencils and a six year old is they inevitably start saying “Mum, can I help you?” in increasingly more plaintive tones.  Heaven help you, if you leave the table to go do something else like make dinner, and leave your six year old alone with your moleskine notebook.


Zentangle with colour using Mi2

This particular zentangle was inspired by a Margaret Bremner Tangle I found on Pinterest.